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After they're served, do you provide a "proof of service" form?

Yes. The process server will complete the form and send it to you in the mail. File that form with the court as "proof" your defendant was served.

What happens if they don't get served?

The process server will prepare a "due diligence" report stating dates, times and notes about service attempts. This can be added to the court file and may be useful to show you've been diligently trying to notify your defendant.

Do I get a refund if they don't get served?

No. Payment is for the reasonable effort to serve your subject. 

Can you tell me what forms I need or how to fill out court forms?

No. Only an attorney, licensed Legal Document Assistant or you, yourself, can complete legal documents. Be sure your paperwork is complete and correct before paying for process service. The process server is not responsible for making sure your documents are properly prepared.

I need somebody served but I don't know where they live. Can you help?

Yes. Check out the skiptrace/locate service.

If they aren't home when you show up, how long do you wait?

The process server usually spends 3-5 minutes knocking and ringing the doorbell, trying to get the attention of the occupants inside. If you prefer the process server to spend time waiting for your subject to enter or leave their location, consider the hourly rate stakeout service.

The sheriff failed to serve my case because they only attempted during business hours. What time of day do you usually serve people?

Service attempts are made at different time blocks on different days of the week to increase the chances of finding them at the location. That includes early mornings, evenings and weekends.

I am absolutely, positively certain my subject will be at a certain place on a certain date and time. Can I pay less for this?

No. In fact, appointment services are more costly because the process server must go off the route of other serves to arrive at a timed appointment location. Consider an hourly stakeout if you believe your subject will be making an appearance within a certain time frame. Thanks for understanding!

I'm planning to sue, but I don't know where they live or work. Can you locate them before I file my lawsuit?

No. A process server is only allowed to locate somebody to serve papers for court cases already opened. However, a licensed P.I. can help you. Call for a referral.

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